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About us...

Established in 2011, after the closure of Ferrus Power Ltd. in Peterborough, we are industry trained ex-Ferrus Power Ltd. & Stadium Power Ltd. engineers with a solid foundation spanning over 30 years of switchmode power supply design, manufacture and service. Quality and service is paramount with us  - we all own a share of the business.

We specialise in the servicing of dc power converters and switchmode battery chargers only. Products serviced range from simple low power open frame power supplies to high power (up to 10Kw) power supply systems.

In addition, we have specialist design and service experience of xenon / metal halide and mercury lamp ballasts manufactured by Excelitas (formerly PerkinElmer), Carsan Engineering and Warner Power including the Safe-Arc series.

Why use us...

Whilst many generic repair houses profess to service power supplies - most rarely carry out the required level of testing (or indeed have the specialist equipment to do so) to guarantee stable operation and future reliability. We fully recognise that the equipment incorporating the power supply is often of high value. An incorrectly serviced power supply could cause extensive and expensive damage to a system which is why we believe the tests below to be crucial.

All products serviced by us undergo the following tests as a minimum :


A1 Power Engineering (UK), 28/29 Maxwell Road, Woodston, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 7JE, UK. 

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