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Analysis service...

If you are experiencing reliability issues with your product or simply looking to incorporate a new product into an application and are seeking guidance as to the suitability of the product we can offer a highly detailed failure analysis test report for your product.

Subject to specific customer requirements we can report on the following in line with the requirements of BS:EN60950 :

  • Stress on primary switching devices (Voltage and current) under all input / load conditions
  • Stress on secondary rectifiers (voltage and current) under all input / load conditions
  • Inrush current check at min / max mains input
  • Operating temperatures of critical components including thermal images
  • Safety creepage and clearance including barrier component analysis where required (such as txrs)
  • Overload tests - both voltage and current protection tests

Download an example report here(excludes thermal images)

Our latest reports include a thermal image of your product which can highlight any particular hotspots which may cause premature failure of the product in the future ( i.e. high wattage resistors, semiconductors and capacitors )

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