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Frequently asked questions...

Do you repair any brand of power supply ?
Yes, though on rare occasions certain older models are becoming irrepairable due to component obsolescence. We will confirm upon your contact with us as to whether there are any known issues with servicing your power supply.

Do you repair DC-AC inverters ?  
Whilst the topology of switch mode power supplies is very similar to that of inverters at present we do not service inverters. We only service AC-DC power supplies and converters.

Do you repair products for the general public or solely business’ ?
At present we are strictly a business to business company and are unable to provide a service to the general public.

How do I go about sending you our power supply ?
Please contact us either by phone or email with details of your failed power supply. We will ask you for the brand and model number. Unless there are any known service issues we will then ask you to send in to our service facility along with your contact details. International customers will be provided additional shipping instructions.

Upon receipt our engineers will carry out a preliminary examination of your power supply after which we will then send you a firm quotation either by fax or email.

Should you wish to accept our quotation we will then require a purchase order for invoicing purposes.
Should you not wish to proceed we will return the product in an un-serviced condition at no cost (UK only)

Can you collect our power supply ?
Depending upon your timescale requirements we may be able to offer a free collection service within the Cambridgeshire region - please contact us with your requirements.

Do I need an RMA reference ?
No. Providing you have contacted us first you just need to send in with your contact details.

Do you charge to examine our power supply ?
No. Our evaluation of your faulty product is free of charge providing you have contacted us prior to shipping in to us and we have agreed to receive the product. Products sent to us for evaluation which are not faulty will be subject to an engineering charge. We are unable to cover return shipping costs for overseas customers.

What if you try to repair but later find you can not service - do you charge us ?
No - we operate a no fix no fee policy. If it later transpires that we can not service your product due to unforeseen reasons there will be no service charge applicable. In this instance you would be provided with the option of us either returning the product in an unserviced condition or alternatively we would dispose of the product at your request.

What warranty do you give with the repair ?
The level of confidence in our workmanship is such that we offer a 2 year warranty on most repairs. In some instances a reduced level of warranty may be offered if the integrity of a product design is questionable. The warranty period offered will be stated within our formal quotation provided at time of initial evaluation by our engineers.

Do you repair for non-UK customers ?
Yes. We currently service products for customers worldwide. Customers outside of the UK must contact us for an RMA reference and further detailed shipping instructions as specific customs documentation is required for importing into the UK. 

What are your payment terms ?
For existing customers with a credit account with us our terms are NET 30 days. For all new customers* (and all overseas customers) our terms are proforma (payment is required prior to shipment). Payment accepted by cheque, BACS or credit/debit card (card payment subject to small surcharge). *For new UK customers we may be able to offer credit terms for urgent repairs subject to credit approval.

What is your turnaround time ?
Our typical turnaround time is 5 days but offer a premium service for 24/48hrs turnaround. We can offer a sameday service in some instances for local clients.

What if we don’t accept your quotation - do you charge to ship back to us ?
For UK customers we do not charge (subject to a maximum weight of 5Kg). We regret that we are unable to cover return shipping costs for overseas customers and would require either return courier account details or for you to arrange collection.

Are there any customs issues I need to know about ?  
Only if shipping to us from outside of the UK. All overseas customers must contact us for detailed shipping instructions and an RMA reference prior to shipment to ensure that there are no issues with importing into the UK.

Can you provide me with a replacement power supply ?
This clearly depends upon your product format. We are able to offer a vast array of both standard off the shelf and custom power solutions.

Do you design and manufacture power supplies as well as repair ?
Not directly but we can put you in touch with an engineering team who specialise in SMPS design and manufacture.

Can you provide replacement components or circuit information for my failed power supply ?
No. Sorry but we are not a distributor of electronic components. We are also unable to disclose any circuit or product information in relation to products serviced by us due to IPR issues.

Do you repair any other type of equipment ?
Whilst our speciality is within the field of switchmode power repair our engineers have a wealth of  experience in general electronic servicing. Please contact us with your requirement as we may be able to assist.


A1 Power Engineering (UK), 28/29 Maxwell Road, Woodston, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 7JE, UK. 

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