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Coutant Lambda Alpha CA600 power supply repair and refurbishment

  We have extensive experience in the servicing and refurbishment of all products manufactured by Coutant 
  Lambda / TDK and inparticular the Alpha CA600 series of modular 600W switchmode power supplies.
  Our service offers a substancial financial saving in comparison when replacing with new product.

COUTANT LAMBDA alpha CA600LAMBDA H60081 REPAIR UKlambda_ca600_h60094_repair_uklambda_ma6000238f_repair_uklambda_alpha_ma600_repair_ukca600_5a_pa_3_3q_pa_15_15e_12alpha_ca600_5a_pa_3_3q_pa_15_1ca600_5a_pa_5b_pa_15_15e_12_12alpha_ca600_5a_pa_5b_pa__15_15ca600_7c_17_5g_17_5g_repair_ukalpha_ca600_7c_17_5g_17_5g_repca600_7cpa_17_5gpa_17_5gpaalpha_ca600_7cpa_17_5gpa_17_5gca600_5spa_15_15e_3_3r_repairalpha_ca600_5spa_15_15e_3_3r_rcoutant_lambda_tdk_alpha_ca400
Products serviced to date include :

CA600 15C MF,15/15E,5B,24N,5B,
CA600 12F_PP,12C_PP,
CA600 5C,24D,18D,24G,
CA600 5APP,5APP,
CA600 24G,
CA600 5A,24D,12,12E,
CA600 26G,15,15E

During the repair process the condition of all stressed components is checked and replaced where required.



  Products are fully functionally tested (including safety testing) via our specialist electronic loads and 
  shipped with a full
12 months warranty (terms apply).

  Fast 24hr turnaround service available (subject to availability of components).

  Please contact us for further information and current turnaround times available.


Workspace House, 28/29 Maxwell Road, Woodston, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 7JE, UK. 

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