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Fox Industries F6020 power supply repair and refurbishment

We have extensive experience in the repair and refurbishment of all power supplies manufactured by Fox Industries Ltd. including the now obsolete F6020 AC-DC / DC-DC power supply as used within MCL Marinex 3D telephone exchanges.

In addition we are the only service facility to hold the original materials parts list, schematics and manufacturing information for this product.
fox industries ltd. F6020 Marinex 3D power supply repair

The product is fully tested on both AC and DC sources with all alarm functionality fully checked.

In addition we further carry out modifications to the latest build issue to improve future reliability.

During the repair process the condition of all stressed components is checked and replaced / upgraded where required.

Products are fully functionally tested (including safety testing) via our specialist electronic loads and shipped with a full 12 months warranty (terms apply).

Fast 24hr turnaround service available (subject to availability of

For current pricing and turnaround times please contact us.




**Please note that this custom product is no longer manufactured and we are unable to provide either a new unit or an equivalent**

Workspace House, 28/29 Maxwell Road, Woodston, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 7JE, UK. 

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