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FS200/Z010/2 Cincinnati arrow power supply repair and refurbishment

If your power supply has failed within your Cincinnati Milacron Arrow CNC the failure will almost certainly be due to the internal power supply (S200/Z010/2) manufactured by Ferrus Power having failed. For a guide to identifying if your problem is due to the psu please click here.

The S200/Z010/2, originally designed by us at Ferrus back in the early 90’s, was made obsolete in 2007 with the Ferrus Power factory finally closing in 2010. A1 Power Engineering (UK) was set up in 2011 to support the full range of products manufactured by Ferrus Power including the S200/Z010/2.

As ex-Ferrus Power engineers based in Peterborough within the United Kingdom, we are the only service company to offer a comprehensive refurbishment service using original manufacturers product information and components for this product. CINCINATTI MILACRON POWER SUPPLY REPAIRmhp_mt50_power_supply_repair_-.c80021_3_00 REPAIRmhp_mt50_power_supply_repair

We have history of this product on record dating back to when the product was first produced for Control Techniques in the mid 90’s and ensure that all known technical issues are checked with products also updated to the last build standard (Rev 2) to ensure maximum future reliability.

Products are fully functionally tested (including safety testing) and recalibrated to the original Ferrus Power test specification (essential for reliable operation as we frequently find that third parties have made incorrect adjustments). In particular it is critical that the powerfail signal is correctly calibrated to ensure that data is backed up correctly by the system upon failure of power and before voltage is lost.

The product is fully loaded via our specialist electronic loads and shipped with a full 2 Year warranty (terms apply).

It is quite common for the pcb to have burn’t through around the output stage due to capacitor leakage - this is not a problem and we can reconstitute the pcb to almost new condition. We are also able to replace the main power transformer which is a known issue causing intermittent failure of power devices.

Ideally we recommend that customers remove the S200/Z010/2 from the complete C80021/3.00A assembly (grey box) for shipment to us (very easy to do) as this not only reduces the shipping costs for international clients but prevents the risk of the grey case being damaged in transit (we have received these with the grey case smashed to pieces in the past and we can’t replace it).

We can usually guarantee a turnaround of this product within 24hrs (subject to receipt of advance payment)


To send us your unit it is essential that you please contact us first for an RMA reference and shipping label along with additional shipping instructions for overseas customers.

We frequently correct units ‘repaired’ by other companies who have attempted to service these products - incorrectly - and charged massively inflated pricing !

CNC’s using this power supply include the Milacron Arrow 500, Milacron Arrow 750, Milacron Arrow 1000, Milacron Arrow 1200Milacron Arrow 1250 and Milacron Arrow 1500.


28/29 Maxwell Road, Woodston, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 7JE, UK. 

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