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NJE Corporation / Electronic Measurements inc. MK1500-5-300 series power supply repair and servicing

  We have extensive experience in the servicing of all products manufactured by NJE Corporation / Electronic
  Measurements inc. and inparticular the MK1500-5-300 series of 1500W switchmode power supplies.

NJE ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENTS INC MK1500 SERIES POWER SUPPLY REPAIR UKnje_electronic_measurements__m.htmllambda_mk1500-21-80_repair_uk_.lambda_mk1500-48-36_repair_uk_.lambda_mk1500-2-300_repair_uk_.lambda_mk1500-10-165_repair_uklambda_mk1500-28-60_repair_uklambda_mk1500-18-92_repair_uklambda_mk1500-5-300_repair_uklambda_mk1500-36-28_repair_uklambda_mk1500-24-70_repair_uk_.Products serviced to date include :

MK1500-2-300, MK1500-5-300, MK1500-10-165, MK1500-18-92, MK1500-28-60, MK1500-24-70, MK1500-36-28, MK1500-48-36.

During the repair process the condition of all electrolytic capacitors is checked and replaced where necessary for high quality 105 Deg C rated types manufactured only by the most reputable Japanese manufacturers only.

Products are fully functionally tested (including safety testing) via our specialist electronic loads and shipped with a full 12 months warranty (terms apply).



  Fast 24hr turnaround service available (subject to availability of components).

  Please contact us for further information and current turnaround times available.


Workspace House, 28/29 Maxwell Road, Woodston, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 7JE, UK. 

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